System Experts

Data Center Consultants You Can Trust!

system_experts_guyAs trusted data center consultants, our systems experts bring OEM-level knowledge and experience to your data center at a fraction of the price.

The average IT debt for major corporations is $11 million and growing. A data center consultant controls your IT costs while maintaining uptime. CHE Consulting systems experts receive OEM-level training, but because our overhead is so much lower, we save you 30-70 percent over OEM maintenance contracts.

Our systems experts know your systems and the common problems that can occur. When they’re not assisting our technicians in solving your maintenance needs, they’re conducting continuous research of your manufacturers’ systems updates and engineering changes.

We have an in-house data center consultant for each of CHE Consulting’s supported products, including IBM, HP, EMC, Oracle, SUN, STK, Dell, NetApp, Cisco, Quantum, Brocade and others. We know all there is to know about how to service these systems and keep the associated equipment up and running.

  • What does a systems expert do?

    Our systems experts are focused on problem prevention and troubleshooting. They work closely with our system technicians when challenging problems occur with your equipment.

    Each day, they’re continuously researching for manufacturer’s systems updates, engineering changes and product recalls. That means they know about problems that can occur with your system – and how to fix them – before they happen.

    They serve as a data center consultant, working with your data center team to prevent outages by sharing known microcode and firmware updates to prevent problems before they occur.

  • How does a systems expert benefit my company?

    Our systems experts are available 24/7 to assist our system technicians in delivering preventive maintenance service, troubleshooting complicated or unique challenges with specific systems and equipment.

    Their deep system knowledge and our supported products prevent problems and correct issues before they affect your business.

  • What training does my systems expert receive?

    To become a systems expert at CHE Consulting, team members are put through rigorous, OEM-like training.

    Our data center consultants must have real-world experience with their specific system to ensure they can predict and track issues, as well as troubleshoot even the most unique challenges.

    The CHE Consulting test lab also houses a myriad of equipment and software technologies to give our systems experts ongoing hands-on experience and the ability to run tests in our company headquarters.