Enhanced Peripheral Exercise Tool (E-PET®) Monitoring & Diagnostic Appliance

Whether your business is still being driven by the power of mainframe computing, or you have moved to a distributed computing model of a Windows, UNIX or Linux-based environment, one thing is certain, your storage infrastructure is a key component of running and managing the information that is the lifeblood of your business.

To further illustrate this point, EMC, with its Symmetrix storage array in particular, is a predominant storage array and storage area network (“SAN”) manufacturer and provider for businesses of all sizes across any industry orientation.  Multiple industry research analysts suggest that EMC may enjoy as much as 70% of the total enterprise storage market.  Like any technology infrastructure, EMC’s storage technologies require unique and specific interactions and communications to occur, in order to allow proactive, predictive and preventive servicing and monitoring of its systems.

  • We Did Our Homework

    CHE Consulting recognizes the industry-wide need for superior quality storage maintenance and service.  We have dedicated countless resources building proprietary diagnostic tools based on intellectual property (“IP”) that was developed specifically to perform enhanced servicing and monitoring of these mission critical environments.  These tools provide a level of service and support beyond OEMs or other third-party maintenance providers.

  • Introducing the Enhanced Peripheral Exercise Tool - E-PET®

    E-PET® is CHE Consulting’s proprietary remote monitoring and diagnostic technology designed specifically for EMC storage environments. E-PET® instantly captures error messages so problems can be resolved by our technicians, before your disk storage, data, or business is affected.  E-PET® is the only EMC support technology that does not rely on the EMC service processor for Symmetrix platforms.  E-PET® not only remotely monitors data across all EMC Symmetrix platforms, but also enables the CHE Consulting team to remotely repair these devices from any location.

  • Get Superior EMC Support and Maintenance from CHE Consulting, Inc.®

    CHE Consulting is the premier third-party maintenance provider for EMC support in the US.  There is no need for you to choose between the high cost of OEM maintenance and the cut-rate service from other third parties who do not have the tools, access to the EMC technologies, or wherewithal to get the job done.

  • E-PET® Key Features

    E-PET® is comprised of a rich feature set designed to provide end-to-end monitoring, real time error data reporting, and replacement of failed components in a manner that is not disruptive to your mission critical production environment.

    Key features include:
    • Interfaces with EMC Symmetrix, DMX, and VMAX storage arrays without utilizing the EMC SYMWYNN resident on the Service Processor (“SP”)
    • Collects event and error data from the Symmetrix platform*
    • Provides a ‘heartbeat’ to help monitor the connectivity platform*
    • Provides a graphical user interface (“GUI”) for viewing event and error data and heartbeat information
    • Allows health checks to be run non-disruptively on Symmetrix platforms
    • Allows inline commands to be issued on Symmetrix platforms to properly diagnose equipment failures*
    • Allows the performance of non-disruptive parts replacement operations on Symmetrix platforms*

    (*Note – E-PET® supports this operation for all EMC Symmetrix, DMX, and VMAX models)

  • How E-PET® Works

  • Supporting a Wide Array of EMC Symmetrix Storage Products

    We can provide support for all EMC Symmetrix models, including:


CHE Consulting’s sole focus is providing the highest level of EMC support and ensuring your system is available when you need it.

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CHE Consulting supports a multitude of EMC storage systems beyond the Symmetrix product family.