Data Center Relocation

Take the Stress Out of Your Data Center Relocation

Don’t lose sleep over your impending data center relocation – CHE Consulting makes your move painless.

Are you closing an old data center? Moving the location of your existing data center? Consolidating multiple data centers?

IT asset recovery isn’t easy. Retiring a system takes much more than disconnecting a few cables. Don’t leave the move of your critical business systems to just anyone. Choose a trusted, third-party provider with proven experience and the skills needed to undertake these complicated projects.

Working with an OEM or major manufacturer on your data center relocation or migration can be costly. When it comes time to relocate or decommission your data center, CHE Consulting can help – and in a more cost-effective way.

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  • I’m retiring an old data center – can CHE help?

    We remove your retired systems sustainably, securely and affordably.

    If you have an older data center you need to close, CHE Consulting can help with your IT asset recovery needs.

    Our de-installation services can support a mix of needs depending on your specific situation. Whether you need to relocate some of your critical equipment, sell decommissioned assets, or properly and securely recycle or dispose of other IT items – CHE Consulting can do it all.

    We provide everything you need, from the detailed project plan, project supervision and team of engineers, to the packing materials and eco-friendly disposal coordination.

  • What if I’m moving my data center to a new location?

    Whether you’re moving a system to another location within your data center, or moving your entire data center to a larger location to accommodate growing data storage needs, CHE Consulting can safely and reliably move your existing equipment.

    We know your business is dependent on technology and any outage or downtime can be a major impact. Your designated Systems Platform Expert helps ensure you’re back up and running as quickly as possible. They consult on and oversee every aspect of the systems migration and integration.

    From the initial assessment of your complex system and its interdependencies, to mapping out a detailed project plan to supervise your data center relocation – not only do we move your business systems, we provide a warranty on our work.

  • Will you customize your process to meet my needs?

    While our data center relocation services are turnkey, they’re never “one size fits all.” We customize all our efforts to meet your specific system and budgetary needs.