Certified Parts

Get the Certified Parts You Need – On Time and On Budget

Certified parts are always used in your most critical systemsThere’s nothing worse than installing a part in your system to discover that it’s broken – it’s a waste of your time and money. That’s why CHE Consulting only uses certified parts for your hardware and enterprise systems. Every part has been tested to ensure functionality and system compatibility.

Unlike other third-party maintenance providers, we don’t put your systems at risk – we never scavenge parts or swap in hot spares.

A certified part from CHE Consulting undergoes rigorous internal testing at our on-site lab. Before stocking a part on our main warehouse shelves for shipping to you, we test the part by putting it through the same conditions it will experience in your system.

We also stock 90 percent of the parts critical to your systems on-site, so you never need to wait for a critical part to be shipped and installed to get your system running again.

That’s why currently, we successfully repair our clients’ systems, on average, 4 hours and 13 minutes after receiving a request for service.

  • Why do I need certified parts?

    Unlike other third-party maintenance providers, we refuse to use hot spares – replacement parts swapped from someone’s old hardware and installed in your system. We would never uninstall a part, put it in your machine and cross our fingers that it works in your system.

    CHE Consulting utilizes recommended OEM parts that are either new, equivalent to new, or certified as new for replacement parts.

  • What if I have a legacy system or the OEM stopped making parts for my system?

    A certified part from CHE Consulting is a quality part you can depend on – whether you have an older system or just upgraded to new equipment.

    Even for systems where new parts are no longer available, CHE Consulting is relentless in our pursuit to find the parts you need. We’ve developed dozens of trusted relationships with suppliers, and we always get the parts we need for a client. That’s why we never need to depend on parts scavenging or hot spares.

    CHE Consulting’s certified replacement parts keep your costs low and keep your systems running when you need them.

  • Where does CHE stock its parts?

    CHE Consulting has a main warehouse, centrally located near St. Louis, Missouri, where we certify and stock parts and ship to clients when they need them. We also stock 90 percent of your critical parts at your site or near your facility to maximize your system uptime.

    There’s no wait for the parts you need. We take pride in delivering what you need on time. That’s our promise and commitment to you.