Blue Bayou© Proactive Remote Monitoring for IBM Servers, Mainframes & Storage

Your computing infrastructure is the heartbeat of your business operation!  It’s how you provide service, collect payment, and, ultimately, how you maintain, grow and secure your business. If you are like many businesses operating today, you rely on IBM for the underlying technology platforms that run your business operation.

At the center of making all this technology work in harmony are the servers or mainframes that operate the mission critical applications that run your business.  If your servers are down, your business operations screech to a halt.

At the foundation of this infrastructure is the storage platform that houses all the information and data that you need to make business decisions.  If you cannot access the storage disk or tape products, or there is an error that brings your storage system down, you are unable to make actionable and impactful decisions about your business.

To prevent this type of disruption in your business environment, CHE Consulting built a proprietary diagnostic tool based on intellectual property (“IP”) that was developed specifically to perform enhanced servicing and monitoring of these mission critical environments.  This copyrighted tool provides a level of service and support beyond OEMs or other third-party maintenance providers.

  • Introducing Blue Bayou© - Preventive Remote Monitoring for IBM Servers, Mainframes and Storage

    The Blue Bayou© error data reporting system (“EDRS”) is CHE Consulting’s proprietary remote monitoring technology designed specifically for IBM server, mainframe and storage (tape and disk) platforms.  Blue Bayou© remotely monitors, tracks trends, and receives error data from IBM technologies in real-time, 24 hours per day.  Alerts enable CHE Consulting technicians to automatically open a service request on your behalf, often before you may even know there is an issue, in order to take corrective measures and quickly bring your server, mainframe or storage platform back online.   Blue Bayou© provides both real time, as well as temporary and permanent error data sets, once every 24 hours for all tape units attached to an IBM mainframe subsystem.

  • Key Features and Capabilities of Blue Bayou©

    Blue Bayou© supports all IBM mainframe processors, as well as disk and tape storage subsystems, regardless of the model or the type.  This is based on all communications going through an installed Hardware Management Console (“HMC”).

    Key features include:
    •  Operates on a Windows platform in the CHE Consulting data center
    •  Supports all IBM processors
    •  Customers must have a HMC
    •  Works with HMC OS/2 and Linux using Internet or dial-up connections

    •  Handles error data via the Internet or dial-up connection from HMCs attached to a multitude of IBM processors
    •  Alerts CHE Consulting Customer Service in the event of a processor error; Customer Service then notifies the customer and dispatches a technician
    •  Does not use customer data and information in any way

  • How Blue Bayou© Works

  • Supporting a Wide Array of IBM Storage Products

    We can provide IBM hardware support for most models, including:

    • Enterprise Tape Controllers
    • Enterprise Tape
    • Tape Libraries
    • Open Systems Tape
    • Open Systems Disk
    • Enterprise Disk Systems
    • iSeries Systems
    • pSeries Systems
    • IBM Processors – CMOS & zSeries
    • Tape Drives
    • Servers
    • Mainframes
    • Communication Devices
    • Printers

CHE Consulting’s sole focus is providing the highest level of IBM support and ensuring your system is available when you need it.

Contact us  for a free assessment of your data center and whether your current IBM maintenance contract meets your needs!

CHE Consulting, supporting a wide array of  IBM Systems.