Why Choose CHE

Why choose CHE for hardware maintenance services?

why_chooseWorking with CHE Consulting ensures you get the hardware maintenance services expertise and support you’d expect from an OEM, but at a cost that fits your budget.

CHE Consulting is the third-party hardware maintenance provider of choice for hundreds of organizations across the U.S. For over 20 years, we’ve helped companies and government agencies maximize system uptime, reduce total systems costs and prevent issues.

Downtime costs companies money and creates national security risks for our government. With CHE Consulting as your third-party hardware maintenance provider, we give you the peace-of-mind that your system will stay up and running, while extending the useful life of your IT products and achieving a higher return on your investment.

We’re an experienced, honest and proactive team focused on the highest quality services and customer support. We want to be your partner when it comes to your hardware maintenance services.

  • How is CHE Consulting unique?

    Our promise means something – just ask our current customers. When we say how or when we’re going to do something, and at a quoted price, we do it. We never over-promise or under deliver.

    CHE Consulting services more types of machines than any other third-party hardware maintenance provider. We have in-house systems experts dedicated to advanced knowledge about specific products. We also stock 90 percent of your critical parts on-site, and we only use new or certified parts.

  • Can you save me money?

    Our customers save 30-70 percent over their OEM service fees. Don’t feel pressured to decommission your end-of-life machines and buy new ones. CHE’s team of experts can keep your existing equipment running like new – saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    CHE also offers a service called CaBO, which allows you to centralize maintenance contracts and budgets, reducing FTE costs for managing the chaos. Click on the banner below to find out more.


  • Are your SLAs customized for my needs?

    Unlike the OEMs, we offer customized service level agreements (SLAs) to support what’s important to you. Whether you need an on-site engineer, a 24x7x2 SLA or something that meets your specific needs, we create an SLA designed for your system requirements, while getting you the most for your budget.

  • Do you outsource or subcontract any of your work?

    At CHE Consulting, we never outsource our support or services. We hire the most highly qualified engineers, with years of experience working on systems like yours. We also put our team through rigorous, OEM-like training. When you call CHE Consulting, a certified, U.S.-based engineer will help you at every step – from our 24/7 Help Desk to our on-site engineers.

  • How do you ensure my systems are up and running when I need them?

    CHE Consulting takes a proactive and preventive approach to maintenance. We have a team in place whose sole job is to monitor for potential issues or errors – their success is measured by how many issues they prevent. Our proprietary remote monitoring technology ensures we’re ahead of any problems no matter where your data center is located.

  • Do you own your own technologies?

    The team at CHE is always innovating and designing new, proprietary technologies that we can put to work for you. Our unique preventive maintenance for many of the systems we service extend the useful life of your IT investments and keep your systems running around the clock.

  • Tips for Choosing a Third-Party Provider

    When it comes to selecting a third-party hardware maintenance provider, do your research. Make sure you’re comparing experience, as well as like services, equipment types and support levels when evaluating value and price.