Customer Testimonials

“I was anxious when we brought CHE in 7 years ago since we had never had anyone but the OEM’s service our equipment before. They exceeded everyone’s expectations and we have continued to add equipment to their contract ever since.”

– Procurement Manager at Health Care Services Provider in NY Tri-State area

“After what seemed like a revolving door of third parties, we finally have a company that provides service like we had years ago with the OEM’s.”

– I/T Manager at a University in Midwest

“CHE’s one of our core vendors which was established well before I arrived. I soon understood why as service issues never get escalated up the chain. They just keep doing a good job year after year.”

– I/T Director at International Computer Outsourcer, Texas

“CHE provides great service as part of our support team from the OEM. I was concerned that the OEM was using a subcontractor. Experience has shown that it would be hard to know they weren’t all from the same company. They work well together, there are not any communications issues, and they provide us with a true integrated support team.”

– I/T Director at a National Retailer in Midwest

“For the last four years, Custom Hardware Engineering (CHE) has been providing third party hardware break fix support for our Oracle environment. In January 2014, we added over 900 Sun/Oracle servers hardware related assets to the CHE Oracle/Third Party break fix contract. Once all hardware was transferred to the CHE contract, CHE was able to continue superior hardware break fix support service without any hiccups.

CHE’s staff understands our demands and can meet all demands even on a short notice. CHE staff members have the knowledge and skills to perform routine firmware updates for our server hardware platform.

In addition, CHE Engineers can troubleshoot any hardware platform from local networking to enterprise level. I have always loved how CHE will go the extra mile to provide hardware technical support services to our staff members for the last four years. If anyone needs a contractor to provide hardware technical support services I will highly recommend CHE every time.”

– IT Contracting Officer at a large national federal government agency

“CHE has provided a great service to our company. Thank you so much for all that you have done.”

– IT Department at a Publishing and Online/Digital Media Company, Massachusetts

“We have enjoyed an extremely good relationship with CHE over the past 18 years and value our partnership. CHE has certainly filled a void that IBM purposely leaves open as it continues attempting to force its customers to new equipment more frequent than practical.”

– IT Director at a Medical Center, Georgia