Storage Maintenance

Discover How CHE Saves You on Storage Maintenance

As a trusted storage consultant, we’ve been providing support for tape and disk storage since the company started nearly 20 years ago. We’ve built our business on providing OEM-level storage maintenance service at 30-70 percent savings over OEM service contracts.

Whether you need to extend the useful life of end-of-service equipment or want a greater return on investment of your newer equipment, we’re experts on a variety of hardware storage platforms, including IBM, EMC, Quantum, HP, Oracle, SUN, STK, Dell and NetApp.

Our unique combination of technical superiority and our intellectual property separates us from other third-party maintenance companies. Our team of expert storage consultants – who’ve been extensively trained and certified by CHE – and the remote monitoring tools we’ve developed and copyrighted, enables CHE to predict and prevent problems before they occur.

Any company can react to an issue when it affects your system. Don’t settle for a partner who shows up when something goes wrong. At CHE, we focus on preventing issues in order to keep your equipment up and running at all times and ensure you have access to your stored data when you need it.



  • What remote monitoring tools has CHE Consulting developed?

    We’ve dedicated countless resources to developing proprietary technology to help us meet your storage maintenance needs. CHE Consulting’s remote monitoring and preventive maintenance solutions prevent errors that compromise your tape or disk storage.

    We’ve done our homework. These copyrighted tools provide a level of service and support beyond OEMs or other third-party maintenance providers.

    A few examples of our tools designed for specific systems include:

    • SUN/STK – We’re the only third-party maintenance provider with a remote monitoring tool for SUN/STK robotic tape library products. Our proprietary tool, the Enhanced Library Event Manager or E-LEM®, is unique to the industry and helps us achieve higher levels of proactive, predictive and preventive maintenance.
    • EMC – We developed the Enhanced Peripheral Exercise Tool or E-PET®, which not only remotely monitors data across all EMC Symmetrix platforms, but also enables the CHE Consulting team to remotely repair these devices from any location.
    • IBM – CHE Consulting has our own intellectual property for remote monitoring of IBM disk and tape products. Our Blue Bayou Error Data Reporting System (Blue Bayou©) and Error Reporting Data System, or ERDS©, provides both real time, as well as temporary and permanent error data sets once every 24 hours for all tape units attached to an IBM mainframe subsystem.
  • How can you extend the life of my systems?

    CHE Consulting serves as a storage consultant for your data center team, helping you extend the life of your IT investments and mission critical storage systems. We provide storage maintenance support well past the end of OEM warranties to keep your parts and systems working like new.

  • How do you prevent problems before they occur?

    CHE Consulting takes a proactive, predictive and preventive approach to storage maintenance. Through remote monitoring and regular proactive checks, our team’s goal is to solve problems before they happen.