Server Maintenance

Get Better Server Maintenance From CHE

Server maintenance and server support service from CHE ConsultingYour servers are a critical component of your business operations. A moment of downtime could halt the entire system. That’s why were committed to preventive maintenance.

CHE Consulting knows how important it is to keep your servers up and running. For more than 18 years, we’ve kept our clients’ mission-critical servers in top working condition by providing server maintenance for IBM, HP, Oracle, SUN, Dell and many others.

  • How do you prevent problems before they occur?

    We take a proactive, predictive and preventive maintenance approach to server maintenance. We’re monitoring daily for potential errors and tracking trends so we can help you get out ahead of problems. We have a team dedicated to this effort – their success is measured by how many issues they prevent.

    Our proprietary Blue Bayou© remote monitoring tool is a classic example of how CHE Consulting goes above and beyond when it comes to preventing issues. We often develop our own tools to ensure our customers have access to the best the industry can offer when it comes to server maintenance.

    Our team, combined with our proprietary remote monitoring technology, like Blue Bayou, ensures we’re out ahead of any problems – so that you’re out ahead of them too.

  • Can you extend the life of my systems?

    Whether it’s an enterprise server, mainframe or midrange server, CHE Consulting can provide server support service for your data center team.

    Together, we can extend the life of your IT investments and mission critical servers. Even if the OEM has deemed your equipment at the end of its life or it’s no longer under warranty, CHE Consulting continues to provide server support services to keep your existing equipment running like new.

    We also automate the server maintenance process with our unique and proprietary remote monitoring technologies.

  • What remote monitoring tools has CHE Consulting developed?

    With CHE Consulting’s Blue Bayou Error Data Reporting System (BBEDRS©), we can remotely monitor and support IBM mainframes and servers, as well as tape and disk storage.

    Via Blue Bayou©, our team receives error data in real-time, 24 hours per day. These instant alerts enable us to automatically open a service request on your behalf – before you may even know there’s an issue – in order to take corrective server support service measures and bring your server back online fast.

  • Where do you stock parts?

    If a server goes down, CHE Consulting’s inventory of certified parts ensures you don’t have to wait for the part you need. We stock 90 percent of your critical parts on-site or near your facility to maximize your server uptime in case of an equipment failure.