Network Maintenance

Get More From Your Networking Maintenance with CHE

content_networkYour network is the critical link in passing control and information data between your data center and all of the devices on your network, so CHE Consulting knows downtime isn’t an option.

To keep your mission critical networking equipment up and running for maximum availability, CHE Consulting provides networking maintenance for IBM, Cisco, Brocade and other platforms.

We pride ourselves on saving you 30-70 percent over OEM service contracts. But don’t expect cut-rate network support service with those savings – we provide OEM-level support. We don’t try to sell you new equipment or upgrades you don’t need. Our sole focus is on delivering quality networking maintenance for your data center.

  • How do you prevent network downtime?

    Thanks to vigilant research and monitoring of trends, CHE Consulting predicts and prevents the networking maintenance issues that often lead to downtime. Our network support service technicians inspect your critical equipment and fix problems before they affect you and your customers.

    We have a team dedicated to daily monitoring for potential issues or errors – their success is measured by how many issues they prevent. Our team, combined with our AI proprietary remote monitoring technologies, ensure we’re ahead of any problems – so that you’re ahead of them too.

  • How quickly will my network be back online? Where do you stock parts?

    We help you build and maintain redundant measures into your network. If one device fails or a piece of the network goes down – CHE Consulting implements back-up measures in your system as part of our network support service.

    CHE Consulting stocks 90 percent of the critical parts needed to effect repair for catastrophic failures on-site or near your facility to maximize your system uptime.

  • How can you extend the life of my systems?

    We’re experts in providing excellent network support service after an OEM has stopped providing support for the equipment. We understand the pressure you feel to get a greater return on the investments in your data center.

    We don’t sell new equipment. Our goal is to keep your current networking equipment running like new.