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Get better IBM hardware support and maintenance from
CHE Consulting

content_ibmDon’t choose between the high cost of OEM maintenance and the cut-rate service from other third parties who take your money and cross their fingers your IBM equipment doesn’t break.

Get more from your IBM maintenance by choosing CHE Consulting as your third-party maintenance provider.

We provide a more affordable alternative to IBM maintenance, saving you 30 to 70 percent over your maintenance contract with the OEM. With CHE Consulting, you also get better service. Whether you have new IBM hardware or want to extend the life of your out-of-warranty equipment, you have a dedicated service team focused on getting to know you and your data center.

CHE Consulting’s propriety AI remote monitoring technology, Blue Bayou Error Data Reporting System (BBERDS©), instantly captures error messages so problems can be resolved by our technicians before your data or business is affected. BBERDS© directly receives instant notification when there’s an issue with your hardware.

If you need continued microcode updates for your IBM hardware support – CHE Consulting has you covered. Our IBM maintenance packages give our customers the right to software updates under their license agreements with the OEM regardless of who is maintaining the system. All updates and changes are obtained through the IBM Hardware Early Warnings System.

Whether you have newer hardware or need to extend the life of a post-warranty system, our IBM maintenance packages also include:

  • Preventive and predictive remote support and on-site maintenance
  • Flexible service level agreements with up to 24x7x2 coverage
  • Client call back by technician within 30 minutes from receipt of call
  • 90 percent of critical parts to restore equipment to proper operation for a catastrophic outage stocked on-site
  • Next day shipping of non-critical parts (always certified) from CHE’s Parts Distribution Center

Our IBM maintenance customers can also request on-site engineers if you need an experienced, knowledgeable addition to your team.

Best of all, we don’t try to sell you equipment you don’t need. We focus on providing reliable, OEM-level service to extend the useful life of your IT investments.

We can provide IBM hardware support on most models, including:

  • Enterprise Tape Controllers
  • Enterprise Tape
  • Tape Libraries
  • Open Systems Tape
  • Open Systems Disk
  • Enterprise Disk Systems
  • iSeries Systems
  • pSeries Systems
  • IBM Processors – CMOS & zSeries
  • Tape Drives
  • Communication Devices
  • Printers

CHE Consulting’s sole focus is providing the highest level of service and ensuring your system is available when you need it.

Contact us for a free assessment of your data center and whether your current IBM maintenance contract meets your needs!