Brocade Support

Get better Brocade support and maintenance from CHE Consulting

Get more from your Brocade support by choosing CHE Consulting as your third-party maintenance provider.

We provide savings of 30 to 70 percent over that of the OEM. We provide certified parts, guaranteed to arrive in accordance with your service level agreement.

We don’t try to sell you equipment you don’t need. We focus on providing reliable, OEM-level service. Our systems experts and technicians receive OEM-level training and have years of experience working on equipment like yours.

We are trusted data center consultants for hundreds of companies in the U.S. because we get to know you, your company and your equipment, fixing problems before they occur.

As you look for smart ways to manage your data center costs, talk to us about how we provide proactive, predictive and preventive maintenance services for Brocade products that extend the life of your investment and ensure system availability when you need it.

We offer three tiers of support for our Brocade clients that give you greater return on your investment, while receiving OEM-level support.

Tier 1 – Onsite hardware maintenance of legacy products that no longer have or require firmware updates.

Tier 2 – Additionally includes firmware updates for products that have not reached end-of-life status.

Tier 3 – Additionally includes maintenance for recently released products.

This multi-tier model gives you the flexibility to choose the maintenance that meets your needs and budget.

Our Brocade support includes:

  • Licensed updates on eligible hardware
  • 7x24x365 help desk support from Certified Engineers
  • Hardware support based in the U.S.
  • Access to new and certified replacement parts
  • 90 percent of the parts critical to your system stocked onsite
  • Extending the life of used, refurbished, and end-of-support-life hardware
  • Next business day or four-hour hardware replacement options
  • On-site field engineers with certifications and expertise available at an additional cost

Supported Products:

CNT Ultra Net Edge Storage Router     10 Gbps Direct Attached SFP

5000 Switch     8 GB SAN Switch     Silkworm 4100   Silkworm 12000

Silkworm 200E   Silkworm 210E   Silkworm 220E Silkworm 24000

Silkworm 2400   Silkworm 240E   Silkworm 2800   Silkworm 3014

Silkworm 3016   Silkworm 3200   Silkworm 3250   Silkworm 3800

Silkworm 3802   Silkworm 3850   Silkworm 3900   Silkworm 4012

Silkworm 4016   Silkworm BR-4100   Silkworm 4120   Silkworm 4140

Silkworm 48000   Silkworm FR4-18i   Silkworm 4920   Silkworm 5020

Silkworm 5040   Silkworm 6400   Silkworm Multiprotocol Routers

Contact us for a free assessment of your data center and whether your current Brocade maintenance contract meets your needs!