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Get the Data Center Maintenance Support
You Need, No Matter the Product

support_products_imagCHE Consulting provides support for all major hardware vendors’ equipment. We extend the useful life of your existing IT systems – well beyond the OEM’s warranty period – in order to help you realize a better return on your investment.

When it comes to data center maintenance, we’re experts on IBM, HP, EMC, Oracle, SUN, STK, Dell, NetApp, Cisco, Quantum, Brocade, and many other platforms.

More than 89 percent of data center managers expect to rely on their existing IT investments for 5 years or more. Working with the IT experts from CHE Consulting extends the useful life of your investments at 30-70 percent less than the cost of OEM maintenance.

We provide IT support that’s customized to your requirements and budget.

This includes:

As a single point of contact, no matter your equipment type, CHE Consulting can increase your data center ROI with the same level of service you received from your OEM. We don’t sell new equipment, our business is focused on providing superior, data center maintenance.

  • How does CHE specialize in so many areas?

    When you choose to work with CHE Consulting for your data center maintenance or mainframe support needs, know that your designated technicians have worked in the industry and have proven, real-world preventive maintenance services experience with your specific products and systems.

  • Who will be working on my system?

    We pride ourselves on hiring the best, senior-level engineers – and we vet our employees based on their practical and established experience with the specific products and platforms CHE Consulting supports.

  • What if my particular system isn’t listed on your website?

    CHE Consulting is unique in our support of an extensive range of systems and products. If you don’t see your system listed on our website, fill out the form on our contact page and tell us about your specific platform needs.

    If CHE Consulting doesn’t have expertise in supporting a particular system, however, know that we won’t claim we do. We’re upfront and honest about the experience of our company and team members, and we’re committed to having the right people and support in place to service many critical systems and equipment.