Client Self Maintenance Programs

Disk storage continues to expand its footprint in our data centers. This expansion is being caused by two major influences: 1) continued introduction of Government regulations relating to data retention and 2) organizational desire to improve service interaction for their customers.

Dell EMC has the largest footprint of data center disk storage in the world enjoying approximately 70% of total market share. Dell EMC wants their customers to buy their latest platforms and sunset the assets they consider to be antiquated equipment.  They will state discontinuance of support services, increase maintenance services rates, and disclaim that parts availability plus the service level agreement (SLA) will be reduced to a best effort only approach.


  • Self Maintenance Approach for EMC SYMMETRIX Product Line

    The EMC SYMMETRIX product line is the best performing and most reliable form of industrial disk storage.  CHE realizes that the cost of these critical devices required by data centers is astronomical. These systems are very expensive to purchase. And once the warranty (which you basically paid for in advance) is over, the maintenance services rates charged by the OEM, which is based on the specific platform type and its configuration, will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. EMC utilizes Intellectual Property (IP) named SymmWin to maintain these devices, which includes ENGINUITY Code 5772, which was the code EMC released to lockout competitors from utilization of SymmWin.

    E-PET® has been designed and developed so that a fifth grader can perform a non-disruptive parts replacement on an EMC SYMMETRIX device following the instructions of our technicians at our customer service help desk. Based upon this, CHE will immediately commence offering a customer or competitor Self-Maintenance Program. This program will save every EMC SYMMETRIX equipment owner hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in maintenance services costs.

    M.O.M. has directed our business development team to offer this Self-Maintenance Program with E-PET® to any EMC SYMMETRIX equipment owner or competitor for $5,400.00 for each serial numbered SYMMETRIX platform per year.

    We know your next question…. “What do I get for my $5,400.00?”

  • How Does The (E-PET®) Tool For Self Maintenance Help Me? How is it Cost Effective?

    CHE utilizes its own independent IP tool named Enhanced – Peripheral Exercise Tool (E-PET®) to service EMC SYMMETRIX platforms. E-PET® holds both an officially filed copyright as well as a registered trademark with the US Patent Copyright and Trademark Office. E-PET® has no problem supporting any EMC SYMMETRIX device.  We have written before about the superiority of the IP that CHE has developed to properly service EMC SYMMETRIX platforms, and CHE has decided to make E-PET® available to customers who own EMC SYMMETRIX devices, as well as competitors.

  • What Do I "Get" from E-PET®?

    1. Remote Systems Monitoring by a certified technician via dial up or TCP/IP, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
    2. A full comprehensive health check by a certified technician once every 8 hours
    3. Real time notification of any error being experienced at the time the error actually occurs
    4. Notification of what part number is necessary to effect repair on the unit
    5. The rebuild of any hard drive being replaced, no matter whether the configuration is dynamic or permanent sparing with complex BCV splits, accomplished 100% without data loss
    6. Non-disruptive parts replacements performed without any impact to the devices online operation

  • What Don't I "Get" from E-PET®?

    The price stated above does not include the parts necessary to perform the repair.

    Why? Some customers may have a relationship with a parts supplier and wish to provide their own parts, or they may already own the parts. If you don’t own parts or don’t have a relationship with a parts supplier, we assure you that we have you covered with two options:


    1. Once our certified technician notifies you of the part that is required to affect repair, you have the option to buy the part from us on a per event basis, plus shipping and handling.
    2. You can rent parts from us based upon a mutually agreed to monthly fee; with auto replenishment upon consumption.

  • Summary for CHE's Client Self-Maintenance Program. It Saves You Money!

    CHE’s Self-Maintenance Program for EMC SYMMETRIX via E-PET® is a key way for an equipment owner to significantly increase the return on investment by hundreds of thousands of dollars. For our competitors, it is a way to do the job right for your customers instead of providing support via surreptitious means.

    We encourage you to contact a CHE business development professional, if you have more questions or want to sign up, Contact Us!