CHE History

Proud to deliver third-party IT maintenance service since 1997

We founded CHE Consulting in 1997 and operated with one primary goal: Providing the highest quality system maintenance services at a fair price. Through technological innovation and a commitment to preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance, we created a third-party IT maintenance company that our customers trust and depend on.

The idea for our company started when we noticed a concerning trend in the industry—OEMs were discontinuing products and refusing to service them. And, they were doing this despite the significant investment their customers made in the equipment and the fact that this equipment could continue to serve those companies for years to come. We don’t think it’s fair when the OEM pressures its customers into upgrading equipment, even when their current systems are viable. That’s why our commitment remains after more than 18 years delivering exceptional third-party IT maintenance at a fair price.

Since establishing CHE Consulting in 1997, we’ve grown to conducting business in 37 states across the U.S. We started our business working primarily with government agencies, and eventually, we formed ties with private entities.

We continue to educate companies about the value of third-party IT maintenance. We’re considered industry leaders because we constantly reinvest in our business. As an example, we’ve developed proprietary remote monitoring, diagnostic and management tools for our IBM, STK and EMC customers. Our proprietary tools enable us to deliver unprecedented third-party system maintenance services that often exceed the level of services customers receive from OEMs – while paying 30-70 percent less.

CHE Consulting has provided the highest quality system maintenance services, supporting platforms from IBM, HP, EMC, SUN, STK, NetApp, Cisco, Dell and many others, since our inception. We’re proud of our responsiveness – our average customer response time is 1 hour and 8 minutes for our 24×7 customers. But, we also build our service-level agreements based on what our customers need – with typical plans ranging from 24x7x2 to 8x5xnbd service.

We’re proud to say that we have an unmatched record of service and accountability. We have decades of expertise in system maintenance services, and we continue to fulfill our dream: always delivering high-quality service at a fair price for our clients.

David and Phyllis York

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