Corporate Philanthropy

CHE Consulting: Giving Back to the Community

CHE Consulting is proud to be among successful companies that give back to the community. Guided by a calling to share their success with the community, David and Phyllis York, CHE’s founders, have a strong commitment to philanthropy.  They direct CHE Consulting’s philanthropic efforts in order to help others who need a hand up.

CHE Consulting’s commitment to the community exudes from all team members. Our annual service focus is a testimony to our team members who play a critical role and support our commitment to be among the companies that give back.


We believe that family is the backbone of this country.  Among organizations that CHE Consulting supports, whose missions focus on families, are St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Shriners Hospital for Children, St. Louis.  Both hospitals work to provide care to children who need it, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. We feel that helping children and their families is a great way to give back.


Our commitment to the preservation of wildlife and endearment to the loving companionship of pets has led CHE Consulting to support various St. Louis organizations including the Endangered Wolf Center and Support Dogs, Inc.   The Endangered Wolf Center preserves and protects wolves and other wild canid species through managed breeding, reintroduction and education programs.  Support Dogs, Inc. is a nonprofit assistance dogs provider that is dedicated to helping people achieve mobility and independence through assistance dogs at no cost to them.  Support Dogs provides happy, healthy and uniquely trained companions to people who benefit significantly from their companionship and training.

Service Members

We take great pride in supporting our active duty, Guard, and Reserve military members. David began his career in the military, and CHE Consulting’s longstanding support of   Department of Defense IT systems reaffirms the company’s respect for all that our military does to keep us safe.

We’re proud recipients of the U.S. Secretary of Defense’s Freedom Award, the highest recognition given by the government to employers for their support of their employees and families during their service to our country.

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