About CHE Consulting

Third-Party Maintenance Provider You Can Rely On

third-party maintenance providerCHE Consulting is one of the nation’s leading independent third-party maintenance providers. Providing quality IT maintenance support since 1997, we specialize in helping companies get better data center ROI from their multi-platform, enterprise systems. As a third-party maintenance provider, our overhead costs are lower than the OEMs, and we pass that savings on to you. We work to increase your return on IT investments – not to sell you equipment you don’t need.

Providing IT maintenance support in 37 states, CHE utilizes a consolidated approach to systems maintenance as an alternative to the OEM’s extended warranty programs. As a third-party maintenance provider, we don’t care about warranties or required replacements – just about extending your system’s life.

When you work with CHE, we save you 30-70 percent over your OEM maintenance contracts with relentless IT maintenance support that’s faster and better than what you get from the OEM.

Since our beginning, with dedication to quality, teamwork and innovation, we have partnered with government and commercial customers to achieve their unique computer hardware processing missions.  We utilize exclusive diagnostic tools, dedicated support teams, and fair and equitable pricing and strive to serve our customers with honesty, integrity and respect.

about_flagWe take these responsibilities seriously and offer multiple service levels to meet your needs, as well as bringing years of experience to customers we serve. We work with your company to determine the necessary service level for your equipment and understand the importance of your system’s integrity. Unlike OEMs, we offer customized service level agreements (SLAs).

Our customers have access to our 24/7 help desk where trained technicians work with you. Our on-site engineers are an extension of your team and address any problems or issues you may have.   We hire highly qualified engineers with years of experience working on systems like yours, and our team participates in rigorous, ongoing OEM-level training.

To prevent downtime, CHE Consulting has developed robust artificial intelligence(AI) remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools that are comparable to those offered by the OEM. Our proprietary AI remote monitoring technologies ensure we’re ahead of any problems, no matter where your data center is located.

With extensive experience maintaining IBM, HP, EMC, Oracle, SUN, STK, Dell, Cisco, NetApp and many other enterprise systems, CHE Consulting can be the third-party maintenance provider for your entire data center. With CHE as your third-party maintenance provider, you have just one number to call and one trusted team for IT maintenance support.

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