A Word From M.O.M.

A Word From M.O.M. (Minister of Maintenance)

Reflecting upon the IT hardware maintenance services industry over the past 30 years…

February 16, 2016

I must say, it’s quite a spectacle to behold. Sometimes no matter how things seem to change, it is absolutely amazing to see how in most instances… they stay the same. Realistically, in reflection of the total industry, it is the equipment owner that I have truly come to feel the absolute pain in their […] Continue Reading

Welcome to A Word From M.O.M – (Minister of Maintenance).

January 6, 2016

Throughout my career in this industry, including 18 years as a founding member of CHE, I have been preaching the core disciplines of properly delivering 3rd party hardware maintenance services as an alternative to the OEM. You’ve finally found a place where you can get the truth and useful information about the world of Hardware […] Continue Reading