A Word From M.O.M.

A Word From M.O.M. (Minister of Maintenance)

Bridging Technology

July 10, 2019

M.O.M. has been in the Information Technology (IT) business for quite some time.  Technology now advances at virtually light speed.  In many instances, computer equipment that IT professionals purchase today is considered antiquated within a year or two.  OEM organizations compound the problem for IT professionals by accelerating the equipment’s end of life when compared […] Continue Reading

What Is Behind The Price

May 13, 2019

Twenty-two years ago when my partner and I opened the doors of CHE with the vision of providing customers an alternative to the computer hardware maintenance services they were receiving from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), our company quickly became known as the lowest cost provider of these services in the industry.  M.O.M. remembers one […] Continue Reading

Flexibility In Service

April 23, 2019

Back in March, M.O.M. shared with you how the OEM Premium Services support model works and who is actually in control of your IT assets.  If you are unfamiliar with that particular blog, M.O.M. respectfully requests that you go back and read that post prior to reading this one.  At CHE we pride ourselves in […] Continue Reading

Who Controls Your Services?

March 22, 2019

When you ask a customer receiving hardware maintenance services who it is that controls their maintenance services, my experience has been that their immediate response is that they control their services.  Let’s investigate this question and answer. The vast majority of IT industry professionals who are responsible for ensuring that their computer equipment is maintained […] Continue Reading

Selecting the Proper AI Vendor Solution

February 22, 2019

In today’s IT support market place, it becomes more and more difficult for IT decision makers to select the proper vendor to support their IT assets.  Why?  Every vendor claims that they can accomplish the same things.  It is easy for the IT consumer to believe the rhetoric that all vendors are created equal, then […] Continue Reading