A New Decade – 2020

A belated Happy New Year to our customers, team members and alliance partners.  Sorry M.O.M. is late in new year/decade well wishes, but closing out the previous year and decade has been quite demanding.  Surprisingly, based on all the regulations from federal, state, and local government entities, we are still a few reports and filings away from having that work completed.

Even though we have entered a new decade, it appears that some things from the previous decade will not go away.  And, in some instances some things seem to be getting worse. M.O.M. cannot remember a time, until now, when people with differing opinions have turned these disagreements from civil discourse to outright unmitigated hate.

In the early 1980’s, while a soldier in Germany, M.O.M. sat under one of the best and wisest ministers I have ever known.  We would talk for hours over our interpretation of certain scriptures and theology.  Sometimes we would agree and sometimes we both had strong differing opinions.  But what struck me about this minister was that even when we vehemently disagreed, his attitude was “Brother, let’s just agree to disagree, but go on and serve God.”  This made M.O.M. respect him all the more because he didn’t try to change my opinion.  Of course, neither did he change his, but we both clung onto a higher calling where we both knew at some time in the future God would make the truth known to us.  We didn’t hate or despise one another; in fact it brought us closer.

In this new decade we are beginning to embark upon, M.O.M. believes that we should try with every fiber in our sole to listen to and respect the opinions of others.  Even though we might disagree, we should not allow disagreements to affect our relationships. This is a very high bar to reach and M.O.M. humbly admits that I have failed miserably from time to time in the past.  In this new decade, M.O.M. plans to do a better job teaching my children and grandchildren the history of this great nation, how things have gotten to where they are, and what we as a family together can do about it.  M.O.M. wishes and hopes that our current elected officials regain the ability to have civil discourse doing what is best for the country instead of what is best for the individual or their respective political party.  In other words, it seems to be time for everyone to grow up.

M.O.M. commits to our customers to continue to strive to meet or exceed your expectations.  We will continue to say “no” when we cannot do something or explain why we believe certain actions would place your IT assets or processing mission at risk.  M.O.M. commits to our team members to listen to your new ideas.  M.O.M. commits to our alliance partners that we will continue to strive to give you our company’s best.  Because M.O.M. believes this is the way things should be!

Wishing you all the best,