Trick or Treat?


Fall has arrived in the beautiful state of Missouri.  We have now transitioned from temperatures in the 90’s to frosty mornings.  The trees are just beginning to turn colors, and in a couple of weeks they will be absolutely gorgeous.  Yes, it’s time to close the pool and decorate with pumpkins and mums.  And Halloween is just two weeks away.  You may want to hurry to buy costumes for your children or grandchildren because Wal-Mart has had costumes and candy on the shelves since August.  I’m sure pickin’s are gettin slim!  On that note, here we are in October, Wal-Mart has bypassed Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations are on their shelves.  That doesn’t seem right to M.O.M..; I don’t recall it being that way when I was growing up.


Getting back to Halloween; I know when I was a kid, we used to say trick or treat and anxiously hold out our paper bag in hopes of getting a Snickers, Mr. Good Bar, Hershey’s Kisses, or my favorite, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  If we didn’t receive our candy of choice, we would play a trick on the offending party by rolling the entire front yard bushes and trees with toilet paper.  When we were children, we went trick or treating in the neighborhoods with our friends and without our parents.  My how times have changed!  Children can no longer enjoy that level of freedom which makes my heart ache for them.


Halloween is a constant holiday in the third party computer hardware maintenance industry.  It is absolutely scary out there for any consumer.  Most third party competitors in the industry constantly play tricks on customers by  alleging that they do things that they actually cannot do or are not qualified to do.  One of the biggest tricks that they play on customers is alleging that they created a software maintenance tool, and truth be told, that tool doesn’t actually exist, or it doesn’t work.  M.O.M. is proud that we are the treat in the industry!  Everything we say we can do, we actually accomplish.  All of our software and diagnostic tools that we have developed actually work.  They are all rigorously tested in our lab on the equipment platforms they support.  No other third party organization goes this extra step, as they all look for tricks on how they can deceive the customer.


M.O.M. thinks that computer equipment customers should be about tired of having their yard rolled by tricksters within the third party maintenance industry.  I encourage each customer to come by our many locations throughout this great nation bringing your paper bag with you, and we will be glad to give you a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.


Wishing you all the best,