Building the Technology Bridge

After 22 years of being one of the owners of CHE, M.O.M. continues to be amazed at the amount of research that is required to provide customers with IT products and maintenance services to support their computer processing missions.   However, what I have witnessed over these 22 years is that the vast majority of third party maintenance service organizations attempt to “back in” to a technology solution.  What does M.O.M. mean by “backing in” to a technology solution?  It means that the typical third party maintenance services organization will bid first, whether or not they have the proper resources to support the products, and, if awarded, try to figure out the support solution later.  The following are highlights of what “backing in” to a service solution looks like:

  • Maybe we can find and hire an OEM engineer with the required experience?
  • Where are we going to find a parts supply?
  • How do we diagnose a failure?
  • Do we need remote monitoring?  If we do, how can we accomplish it or make it appear as if we’re accomplishing it?
  • If we fail on any or all of the above, maybe we can find another third party who can help us out by providing technical support and parts (parts and smarts)?  If so, we can learn from them and then cut them out of the deal.

This “backing in” methodology directly contributes to the Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) campaign that the OEM utilizes to discredit all third party maintenance services organizations.  One catastrophic maintenance service event that a customer experiences, where a third party fails to properly diagnose and repair a device or provide products that integrate properly into the processing environment, is all it takes for a customer to never consider utilization of a third party organization again.  It only takes one bad service experience to wipe out all of the respect and good will that has been cultivated over a period of time with a customer.

M.O.M. is proud that CHE does not “back in” to IT products and maintenance services solutions.  When we provide a quote for our services, we are totally prepared to provide the equipment and maintenance services that a customer requires for their data center processing mission.  CHE only bids on what we can actually support!  For example, CHE is well known in the industry as the best third party maintenance provider for Oracle (STK) tape library, tape drive, and virtual storage manager products.  However, CHE no bids VSM6 products because we do not currently have the proper resources in place to support the product.  CHE will not put a customer’s IT assets or their processing mission at risk.  Instead, we “build the technology bridge.”  Using the VSM6 as an example for “building the technology bridge,” we…..

  • wait until a VSM6 is available for sale in the market place and purchase it.
  • set up the VSM6 in our equipment lab (we have multiple manufacturer platforms here….. IBM, EMC, STK, Quantum, Spectra Logic).
  • engage our systems experts to start analyzing the unit noting the differences in architecture between previous iterations of the product family (in this example the VSM4/5).
  • evaluate component parts differences and similarities between product families and identity what we own, what we don’t own, and what supply chain we need to invoke.
  • analyze the differences between the microcode levels of this model of products versus its predecessors and determine if the OEM placed LICKEY hooks in the code.
  • determine what diagnostics are machine resident and available for use by an engineer, plus identify the short falls.
  • develop a training program for self-paced systems concept training accessed via our Tech Web education and knowledge center for CHE engineers.
  • develop a hands on training program for CHE engineers.
  • engage our AI software development team to determine if our E-LEM® remote support tool requires any software upgrades to allow it to continue to be proactive, predictive, and preventive in our diagnostic solution to include error auto alert triggering.
  • establish a fair service price at a fair, respectable level of profit so that we provide significant savings over that which a customer pays the OEM.

This approach provides our customers the peace of mind that they need when evaluating CHE.  CHE is more OEM like than any other third party in the industry.  That was M.O.M.’s dream 22 years ago, and to this day, it is still what drives M.O.M..

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Best Wishes,