Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Service Keeps Your Systems Running

CHE Consulting is focused on providing fast and effective preventive maintenance service to keep your systems up and running. Through remote monitoring and regular proactive maintenance checks, our system technicians solve problems before they happen.

Companies who have critical data center needs can also request engineer from CHE Consulting. Regardless if your equipment is in a secure data center or running on a blockchain; if it requires an on-demand expert, an on-site CHE engineer will act as an extension of your team.

From attending internal meetings to sharing work spaces, our on-site engineers are there providing preventive maintenance service, proactively making updates and correcting errors before they affect your systems.

No matter where they are based, our system technicians focus on building a trusted and long-lasting relationship with you. They get to know you, your company and your equipment; providing seamless support. They’re also trained to provide preventive maintenance service on all of your equipment under contract with CHE, no matter the equipment type. That means only one point of contact and one company to contact for all your maintenance service needs.

  • What’s the value of an on-site engineer?

    We take the fear of system downtime off your plate and ensure your mission critical systems are available when you need them.

    CHE Consulting makes on-site engineers available in order to be a true partner and member of your team when it comes to preventive maintenance service.

    Our on-site engineers understand how you think and do business. That’s because we hire our engineers based on your specific systems, SLA requirements and location – all in order to better serve you.

  • Can you provide preventive maintenance service if I don’t have room for someone on-site?

    While not every customer will need an on-site engineer who works day to day at their location, CHE Consulting has various levels of support that make an engineer a phone call away.

    And with our focus on preventive maintenance service, currently, 93 percent of our total service tickets are internally created by our own engineers and technicians. Their commitment to proactive maintenance helps fix problems before they occur.

  • Will your engineer have experience providing preventive maintenance service on my systems?

    Any engineer we send to your data center will have experience and expertise in working on your system.

  • If not on-site, where will my repair technician be located?

    We keep a dedicated engineer nearby. A quick phone call and your engineer will arrive on-site within the terms of your SLA, whether that’s within two hours or next business day.