CaBO"Your Single Source for Hybrid Maintenance Management"


CaBO – organizing and managing the hundreds of service contracts and thousands of IT assets can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Locating the required files, distributing them and ensuring their security can be an even bigger hassle. CaBO is here to help.

CaBO is a single repository for all service contracts and associated IT assets. With CaBO you organize all contract-related data into a single searchable location. Once your assets are loaded into CaBO, you’ll have complete control over your IT maintenance environment. Contracts, assets, service providers (OEM, third-party, self-maintained, uncovered) and data from other software systems can now all be managed from one platform, creating a hub for all contract management activities and putting you back in control.

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CaBO allows you to centralize maintenance contracts and budgets, reducing FTE costs for managing the chaos.
Additionally, leveraging CaBO for a Hybrid maintenance strategy, you’ll have the ability to consolidate vendors and contracts to the economic benefit of your company.

Cover Your Assets
Studies show that typical infrastructure environments are overpaying for network support simply because they lack visibility into options to balance their service portfolios. In fact, a recent Gartner Report found that maintenance costs represent 25% of total enterprise IT budgets. 30% of that number is created by premium support calls for equipment that is not covered by a support contract, typically due to a missed renewal. Another contributor to that 25% number is overpayment for maintenance and support, particularly when end-of-life equipment is being covered by pricey OEM maintenance.

CaBO solves both contract renewal and overpayment problems. Through CaBO you’ll receive notifications well in advance of a support lapse, allowing you to monitor and manage your services vendors for optimal pricing. At renewal, pricing options are presented so you can proactively balance your support portfolio with a combination of OEM, third-party and self-supporting maintenance strategies. Cover your assets. Save millions.

CaBO is your portal for Hybrid Maintenance Management (HMM). View all assets, associated contracts, and budgets; manage all service activity and interact with all your service vendors from a single location!

  • Connects with your help desk, CMDB, financial, and asset-management software or any other software that has data that might be valuable for managing your maintenance portfolio. Any API data can be directly added to an asset in CaBO.
  • Allows you to manage unlimited assets and asset types: network infrastructure, hardware, software licenses, SSL certifications, domain names or anything additional that you feel is important to track.
  • Alerts will be sent for all contract renewal dates so that you are never left with uncovered assets.
  • Modify assets individually or in bulk, change locations, change SLAs, change providers, and solicit multiple competitive quotes.
  • Upload and associate all PDF contracts, certifications and documentation with the assets they cover.
  • Connect directly to all third-party vendors that support your maintenance portfolio and maintain a permanent history of all service activity for every asset in your infrastructure environment.
  • View and manage all maintenance contracts and vendors, including amounts, cash flow analysis, year-over-year comparisons, budget tracking and savings opportunities.

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  • Here is a High Level List of Key Features

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    – Single Repository
    – Associate contracts, assets and budgets
    – Manage vendors and support tickets
    – Control adds, moves and changes
    – View all current and expired contracts
    – Auto alerting and email notification for renewals
    – Role-based views so users only see information relevant to their role
    – Savings dashboard showcasing maintenance, consolidation and co-termination savings


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    Would you put all of your personal savings into single stock? Of course not.  You distribute your investments to maximize economic benefit and optimize risk. Same goes with Hybrid Maintenance Management (HMM). HMM is the approach where you use a centralized portal to manage your maintenance portfolio.

    In order to maximize the benefit, your hybrid maintenance portfolio will be comprised of multiple vendors – OEMs, third-party, internal – and multiple resellers, locations and contracts. A diversified portfolio mitigates risk.

    CaBO gives you a single interface where all this variety is normalized. Use one interface to view all contracts, reseller, and maintenance vendors. Use one interface to place all service requests, track all service activity and measure overall performance. CaBO is that interface.

    CaBO allows you to purchase contracts from OEM vendors and third-party maintenance providers, while offering a fully integrated, built-in third-party support system. Simply pull up your asset, press the request support button and you’ll be connected directly to the support provider within 2 minutes.

    Not only does CaBO allow you to centralize and organize your maintenance portfolio, it allows you to provision your service and purchase your contracts to save considerable money.

    As part of our hybrid maintenance strategy, CHE Consulting,through our CaBO portal, provide flexible and customizable maintenance plans for your existing hardware.

    Unlike OEM vendors, who have a reputation for pushing new technology well in advance of the useful life of the equipment it’s set to replace, CHE Consulting advocates extending the useful life of your equipment by providing affordable maintenance after the OEMs raise prices or discontinue support.

    By not forcing users to upgrade, we save them up to 30%-60% of OEM equivalent support, while extending the useful life of your equipment.


    CaBO features in-portal, TAC-direct network services including full software, hardware, and advanced consulting support for our contracted network support customers.

    content_ciscoWe understand that uptime is critical to a company’s bottom line, so we’ve created an interface that allows customers to access an expert to solve any problems immediately.

    When you create a CaBO ticket, you are instantly connected to a tier-3 certified engineer from our vendors like Cisco, Juniper, Brocade HP, Dell and IBM (to name a few). Our engineers don’t complicate the path to a solution for your problem by making you meet certain criteria for support. They will assist in the complete cycle of support in instances of ad hoc support, software reconfigurations and hardware replacements.


    This expert-only support model eliminates wasted time by connecting the customer directly to specialized point of contact.



    CaBO offers comprehensive third-party hardware support options for all major server and storage vendors. This includes stand-alone servers, blade servers, Virtual servers, SANs, and network-connect storage.

    We cover the maintenance needs for many of the world’s largest and most prestigious organizations. Industries include: banking, insurance, government, retail, telecommunications and entertainment to name a few.

    CaBO will save you up to 60% of OEM equivalent support while offering more flexible support options.





    CaBO provides OEM-independent maintenance and support of voice and data systems, particularly valuable as a single point of support for multi-vendor environments.

    CaBO support teams understand systems from all of the major manufacturers and we have created an environment where our Tier 3 engineers collaborate continually.

    Combined with your network and server & storage support, telecom support from CaBO helps you to round out an efficient and consolidated hybrid maintenance strategy.