• Providing Services Throughout The U. S.
  • True Proprietary 7x24 Remote Monitoring Solutions
  • Better Maintenance, Better Price.
  • We've Got Your Back!
  • Reducing or Eliminating Your Downtime is Our Priority!

CHE provides Computer Hardware Maintenance Support for Oracle, EMC, IBM, STK, SUN, Dell Systems and More

Allow Your Computer
Hardware Problems to Become
OUR Problem, not YOURS.

We are uniquely qualified to provide superior maintenance services for the following manufacturer's platforms;

Oracle (STK)
Oracle (Sun)
HP, Compaq, Dell
Brocade, Cisco
Quantum, ADIC
and many more

We understand your objective as an
IT Professional to employ an innovative
full service "fix it before it fails" systems
maintenance service provider.

Our company has accomplished this on behalf
of our customers via our Remote Machine
Monitoring (RMM) suite of products
®, E-PET ®, and Blue Bayou
that heads off errors prior to their occurrence.

We will provide for you, a maintenance services support program
that is tailored to your unique processing mission
as well as your budget.